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BIVOUAC Birch State Park


BIVOUAC at Birch State Park - Elks Youth Camp
Fort Lauderdale


Cadets report Friday evening at 1800 (6:00 pm) at Birch State Park - Elks Youth Camp.  Cadets need to arrive in PT gear with their Seabag.

For Cadets ages 10 - 12, spending the night is optional. If Cadet is not staying overnight, Drop-Off is at 0700
(7:00 am) on Saturday and Sunday. Pick up time for Cadets not spending the night will be 1700 (5:00 pm) at Birch
State Park.

If you are a New Indoc Cadet, and have not been sworn in yet, you must bring your application and "Swear in" or you will not be able to attend this training.  

All Cadets who participate in this training must have the Waiver signed by their parent or guardian and must bring $10 to pay for food, even if you are not spending the night. 

Cadet pickup is at Birch State Park 0900 (9:00 am) Monday. Please don't be late.



Seabag List - Word File


Seabag List - PDF File



 Birch State Park
3109 East Sunrise Boulevard Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33304