Fort Lauderdale
Sea Cadets

Basic Airman Training

Trainee First Name : Daniel
Trainee Last Name : Melean
Name of Training Attended : BASIC AIRMAN
NLCC or NSCC : NSCC - Sea Cadet
Training Location : Cleveland, Ohio
Date Attended : 07/09/2017
Duration of Training: : 1 Week
Would you Recommend?? : I had fun and learned a lot
Difficulty of Training : Easy
Comments : You learn about all the components of each type of specialized aircraft, you learn how to correctly move and sail a sail boat, you learn the many jobs at the coast guard stations and air bases, and you learn about how S.W.A.T. trains and does their job. It was a great experience.


Trainee First Name : Justin
Trainee Last Name : Banse
Name of Training Attended : BASIC AIRMAN
NLCC or NSCC : NSCC - Sea Cadet
Training Location : NAS Whidbey Island, Washington
Date Attended : 08/11/2015
Duration of Training: : 2 Weeks
Would you Recommend?? : A Great Training, I would do it again
Difficulty of Training : A Good Challenge
Comments : THIS TRAINING WAS WORTH THE WHILE! if your a person who loves to be down and dirty working in and on aircraft, learning about Naval aviation and the different roles and aircraft, and being a aviation mech, ordie, and airframer for two weeks then go! i loved this and would recommend this to anyone who is a mech lover or loves fixing crap in general. you wont be on your butt much, you'll spend most your days out in the hangars or flightlines doing F.O.D. walks, repairs, loading ordnance and equipment onboard the aircraft, cleaning parts, just to name a few. Also, get used to wearing a cranial too, and earplugs too. Also, we got the honor of flying a 2 million dollar flight simulator, and ill tell ya, you are not going do that kind of stuff unless you go here!