Fort Lauderdale
Sea Cadets

Dress White Uniform


Ironing Dress Whites

When the dress uniforms are pressed, make sure the uniforms are inside out so that the creases are inverted when you put it on.  Jumper and trousers are NEVER creased from the outside. ALWAYS turn the jumper and trousers wrong-side out as shown below. 

The JUMPER is folded down the middle with the collar flap extended. Lie the jumper back down and fold the right sleeve across the front and match it up with the left sleeve. Smooth the jumper out so the crease extends evenly from the top of the collar with the bottom of the waist band. Use a damp piece of sheet between the hot iron and the fabric. The damp cloth creates steam that sets in a sharp crease. Begin ironing along the back of the jumper as  seen in the picture (second on right), moving from the tip of the collar all the way down; then crease the sleeves while still folded in half. Unfold the jumper so it lies flat on its back. You should see an inward crease extending from the V-neck down to the waist band. Make sure there are no multiple creases. Fold both sides of the collar flap in toward the center crease and using the dampened cloth, carefully iron the creases in on both sides (be careful not to iron out the center crease. There should now be three sharp creases in the collar flap with an equal distance between each crease. 

TROUSERS: Fold the trousers wrong-side out and lie them flat on the ironing board seam to seam. When finished, the two creases will run along  the outside edge of the pant leg, NOT THE FRONT, with the corresponding crease running along the inseam. 

When ironing is completed, you can turn the uniform right-side out and you should see that all creases EXCEPT the front middle crease and the three creases on the collar flap are turned inward, not out.