Fort Lauderdale
Sea Cadets


  Trainee First Name : Lorenzo 
Trainee Last Name : Gari
Name of Training Attended : GM-GUNNER'S MATE
NLCC or NSCC : NSCC - Sea Cadet
Training Location : NAVSTA Great Lakes, IL
Date Attended : 07/16/2011
Duration of Training: : 1 Week
Would you Recommend?? : It was ok
Difficulty of Training : Easy
Comments : I recommend this training because you have alot of fun, you shoot weapons, disassemble them, learn about the history and development of weapons and there is a great opportunity to learn


Trainee First Name : Zachary
Trainee Last Name : Vlahovski
Name of Training Attended : GM-GUNNER'S MATE
NLCC or NSCC : NSCC - Sea Cadet
Training Location : NAVSTA Great Lakes IL
Date Attended : 07/16/2011
Duration of Training: : 1 Week
Would you Recomend?? : I think it could have been better
Difficulty of Training : Easy
Comments : I would recommend this training because we were taught by the instructors from the gunners mate school on how to dissemble and reassemble the Berretta M9, the Mossberg 500, and the M16. We also took the navy M9 qualification course in the FATS simulator and we got to shoot the 50 cal machine gun and the M240 in the FATS simulator . But unfortunately due to scheduling issues with the FBI we were unable to do live fire but they said they would have it fixed for next year .


Trainee : Robert McStravick
Name of Training : Gunners Mate
Training Location : Chicago, IL
Year of Training : Summer, 2009
Duration of Training : 2 weeks
Would recommend?? : yes
Overall Grade : B
Difficulty of Training : 3/5
Comments : During the 2 weeks we dismantled cleaned and reassembled the M9 service pistol, the M16A3 service rifle, the M14, the M500 shotgun, the M240Bravo machine gun, and the M2 .50 caliber machine gun.  We went and fired the M9, M16, M240B, and .50 in the FATS simulator, which is a laser simulated firing range, in side the Gunners mate's school.  We also went to a torpedo lab were we fired air slugs, which are very fun since we could see them shoot out of the torpedo tube and it shacks the whole building when they are fired, and we also got to load a torpedo into the torpedo tube which is a time consuming, but fun process.  On the final day of training we went to the FBI's training facility in Chicago were we learned about what the FBI really does in support of our country.  We also got a chance to take a look at some of the weapons that the agents had brought in that day that they use when they go into the field.  If you like weapons and learning about them then this is an excellent training to go to.