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Mini Boot + Div Adv Training

Mini Boot Camp & Advanced Division Training

 Arrive in NWU's with Canteen, at Birch State Park Elks youth campground at 1800hrs Friday. Bring Training form & $10. Make sure to review seabag list before arrival. Please be on time for Cadet Pickup 9am Sunday morning.  All INDOC Cadets (those who have not yet been sworn in) are NOT allowed to spend the night. They can arrive at 8 am on Saturday morning and depart at 7 pm Saturday night. They still must fill out the training form and bring the $10.


This Mini Boot training is for Cadets that will attend League Cadet Orientation and Sea Cadet Recruit training during the Summer.

 Mini Boot Camp is a local training that is conducted by the Spruance Staff and Senior Cadets.  This training is very important for several reasons.  The Cadets are able to get a preview of the future League Cadet Orientation and the Sea Cadet Recruit training.  This will enable the cadet to become more comfortable with dealing and working under stressful conditions thus building confidence in their ability to complete any task.  It allows our staff to evaluate each Cadet in their ability to handle non local trainings.  In the past Cadets that have completed Mini Boot Camp and then attended  League Cadet Orientation and Sea Cadet Recruit training have confirmed that the 2 day Mini Boot Camp made their training much easier.  The Mini Boot Camp training is a confidence and team building event which has proven to be an asset for the success of our Cadets.

The training will take place at Birch State Park Elks youth campground.  Cadets should arrive in NWUs with canteen.  Tell the front gate that you are dropping off your cadet at the youth camp site.   Cadets should arrive at 1800 Friday. The Graduation and Cadet Pickup at Birch State Park Elks youth campground will start Sunday at 0900. Please be on time!!!

 Sea Bag List

 Sea Bag List

Training Cost:   May be paid by Cash or Personal Check

1.   Physical Contact - No physical contact at anytime.

2.   Physical and discipline training - All staff cadets will do the equivalent amount of the activity being instructed.  Continuity – The staff cadet will not trade off to an alternate staff cadet during a physical activity. No physical training activity with heavy gear or sea bags.

3.   Foul Language - Not tolerated and will be dealt with immediately.

4.   Hydration - No cadet at anytime will be restricted from hydrating. There shall be many hydration breaks throughout the training cycle.

5. Division Rule of Three
a.  Cadets will always move or meet  in groups of three or more of the same gender. 
b.   Cadets, Officers, and Staff will never meet or engage in counseling with Cadets without a minimum of three or more people present.
c.   Cadets, Officers, and Staff may at anytime remind other parties of the Rule of Three. 
d. The Division Rule of Three is for the protection and well being of Cadets, Officers, and Staff.


 Birch State Park
3109 East Sunrise Boulevard Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33304