Fort Lauderdale
Sea Cadets

Petty Officer Page


OBJECTIVES – To start from the basics re-instruct grooming standards and military customs and courtesies, also Basic Drill standards before starting local away training's away from HQ. Classes will include: ADDRESSING PERSONNEL, PERSONAL HEALTH, NAVAL HISTORY, CORE VALUES, MILITARY DRILL, HONOR GUARD/ COLOR GUARD, CUSTOMS AND COURTESIES, RANKS and RATES, and LAND NAV.

REASON- Last year our junior leadership team observed lack of RESPECT and COMMITMENT from junior 
to senior to Cadets.

PLAN OF ATTACK- To administer quizzes on the material covered following a class that has been taught. This will give more responsibility to our PETTY OFFICERS to make sure their cadets are keeping up with the material and training. This will help identify cadets who are or are not motivated to learn and retain the material.

PETTY OFFICERS- Company Commanders will keep a roster of their individual company and maintain a typed status report of completed cadet course work. Petty Officers will be in charge of making quizzes and training curriculum. An assigned  Yeoman will be in charge of organizing, grading, and following up with the other PETTY OFFICERS on cadet coursework completion.

CADETS-  Will be responsible for up-keeping their physical fitness . Cadets will be required to have a notepad so they can take notes and study for any quizzes administered. Cadets will be given an opportunity to learn and lead a Company in MILITARY DRILL.

PETTY OFFICERS and CADETS- All Petty Officers and Cadets will bring all uniform components, including a canteen, to every training evolution and drill. Every Cadet and Petty Officer will stencil their names onto all of their uniform components.