Fort Lauderdale
Sea Cadets

Port Operations

Trainee First Name : Brian
Trainee Last Name : Smith
Name of Training Attended : Port Operations
NLCC or NSCC : NSCC - Sea Cadet
Training Location : Galveston Texas
Date Attended : 06/07/2015
Duration of Training: : 1 Week
Would you Recomend?? : A Great Training, I would do it again
Difficulty of Training : Easy
Comments : I attended the first Merchant Marine Operations training. We did a lot, but there was a lot of downtime too. We learned about the merchant marine industry, and how it affected everyone. We did several ship simulators at Texas A&M, and toured several civilian and military ships. We had a Coast Guard day where we rode in the Coast Guards Maritime Safety Security Team (MSST) 25-foot fast response boat. We ate and slept in University Dorms (Texas A&M) and the food was great. I met a lot of new shipmates and the officers were extremely filled with knowledge on Merchant Marines.