Fort Lauderdale
Sea Cadets


Trainee First Name : Lorenzo
Trainee Last Name : Gari
Name of Training Attended : SS-SUBMARINE SEMINARS
NLCC or NSCC : NSCC - Sea Cadet
Training Location : Kingsbay, Georgia
Date Attended : 06/04/2011
Duration of Training: : 2 Weeks
Would you Recommend?? : I had fun and learned a lot
Difficulty of Training : A Good Challenge
Comments : We did PT every morning, then we had breakfast, we had classes, then we went and had lunch, and then one group of cadets got liberty while the other half had to stay at the building, and we always had a nightly review before we went back to our room right after dinner, long story short: Alot of fun, I recommend it, and you learn alot!