Curt and Regina's Wedding, April 29, 2023

In lieu of gifts, Curt and Regina are requesting guests make a charitable donation to the Sea Cadet program.

About the US Naval Sea Cadet Corps

For sixty years, Sea Cadets has given thousands of young men and women a head start on life by giving them skills, knowledge and confidence. Our cadets are ready to be productive, responsible Americans because we challenge them and teach them values.

Sea Cadets gives everyone in our corps a solid appreciation for the maritime services, and while not required, many young men and women join the armed forces. Regardless of where the winds blow, our cadets are prepared for adventure.

Our rigorous “Sea Cadet Experience” teaches cadets to think on their feet, work as a team, and live a life dedicated to cultivating the values of honor, respect, commitment, and service. In Sea Cadets, young men and women have a chance to try new things, fail in a safe environment, and try again. By ultimately succeeding, our cadets learn perseverance and develop confidence.

The United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps (USNSCC) is a maritime based youth program sponsored by the U.S. Navy and supported by the U.S. Coast Guard. Cadets train on naval bases and other military installations in a variety of military disciplines.

We are dedicated to helping shape leaders with character. In a typical year, the program serves 6,000 cadets ages 10-18, in approximately 400 units across the country, as well as in Guam and Puerto Rico. These units operate year-round, holding monthly drills, performing in parades, participating in encampments, and attending special events.

Your donation…
• Helps us reach more young people across the nation.
• Sponsor valuable hands-on training for cadets.
• Supports units in less well-resourced areas.
• Helps us provide up to date STEM opportunities.
• Achieve our mission to build leaders of character.

Fort Lauderdale Division, US Naval Sea Cadet Corps
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