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10 free slots exclusively open to USNSCC Cadets Classes start April 15

Still undecided about life after high school? Why not the United States Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut? The U.S. Coast Guard Academy (CGA), like the US Naval Academy, US Air Force Academy and US Military Academy at West Point, offers similar degree programs, and you will receive the same commission (ENS/2nd LT) as the other service academies.        

The CGA was established in 1876, moved to New London, Conn. in 1910, and relocated to its present position along the bank of the Thames River in 1932.            

CGA graduates are commissioned as O1s (Ensigns) with the same 5-year commitment as all service academy graduates.  For additional information on the CGA, please go to this link        

The Academy Introduction Mission (AIM) program is a weeklong course held at the CGA campus that introduces interested high school students on how life as a Cadet will be while living at the CGA.  Historically, the AIM program invites 600 high school students (200 per week) annually, all selected from thousands of applications received each year.         

For the first time, the CGA leadership have reserved 10 AIM slots for USNSCC Cadets and have also allowed the USNSCC to select the 10 Sea Cadets.  This is an exceedingly rare opportunity that guarantees 10 Sea Cadets will go to AIM this summer!          

Application Process:       

The CGA’s application deadline is April 15, 2021.  To participate in the selection for a Sea Cadet reserved slot at AIM, each Cadet must first complete the Coast Guard’s AIM application.   To find the application and additional information on the course please use the link.        

The USNSCC AIM application has many of the same entries as the Coast Guard’s application.  We recommend saving your CG application’s information to a separate document to make your Naval Sea Cadet application much easier to complete.  The same essays required for the Coast Guard’s application are requested with your Naval Sea Cadet AIM application.  The due date for the Sea Cadet AIM selection is noon on April 10, 2021.  The link below will bring you to the Sea Cadet AIM application.          


Start drafting your essays as soon as possible so your ability to review and improve your essay will help you in an incredibly competitive selection process. Note: These essays are the exact same as the essays for the USCGA’s AIM application. If selected, participation will be in person.          

We wish you all the best!!!