Spruance / Radford Drill Schedule

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Drill at VFW 8:45 am - 12:00 pm

350 SW 25th Street, Fort Lauderdale 33315

Please download and read the Plan of the Day below. Be on time and BRING PAPER/PEN or Pencil. Wear your PT shorts and shirt and good running sneakers.

Please bring the Required COVID-19 Form signed by a parent or guardian. This is required for all in-person drills and activities until further notice.

COVID Intake Forms need to be completed and signed on the day of the drill. Cadets will not be permitted to attend without the appropriate form. Parents need to wait until your cadet is checked-in and cleared. i.e., temperature check, intake form. 

Summer Training Photos/Videos

Our cadets have been participating in training events this summer. Check out these Facebook Groups and see our cadets in action!

League Cadet Orientation

Sea Cadet Recruit Training, MAA, and Space Camp

October 16, 2021


Pursuit of Honor, Courage, and Commitment 5K Run/Walk

ALL Spruance Cadets are expected to fundraise and participate in this event. Sign up for a Fundraiser page at www.Honor5K.org today. Set your fundraising goal at $500. If you or your parents have a Facebook profile, you can link your fundraiser and share with friends and family. Start your fundraiser today and $100 will be donated to your page to get you started.  

If you are unable to attend any virtual or in-person drill or event, please submit a request for an excused absence.

Please download the Team App to your mobile phone for important messages and updates from Staff.

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